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Welcome to VenusCouples

Meet Sexy-fun Couples Today

VenusCouples welcomes all open-minded and sexy couples to this upscale and classy community. Whether you are established swingers or simply interested to know more about The Lifestyle, VenusCouples offers a sex-positive environment where like-minded couples can expand their circle of friends and explore The Swinging Lifestyle together.
Let the Love and Passion that you feel for each other enhance your sexual pleasure by adding Sexy-fun and Friendship to your strong loving relationship. VenusCouples provides a secure and comfortable setting to initiate contact with compatible couples as a first-step towards your personal interactions and sexual adventures.

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Designed for the Woman in the Relationship

VenusCouples is a meeting site where couples can connect and express their sexuality freely. Unlike other sites, VenusCouples is designed for the woman in the relationship...after all... In The Lifestyle, it is the women who set the rules and drive the action so they deserve a site that makes HER feel comfortable and free to explore and select other compatible couples to fulfill their fantasies together.
VenusCouples allows personal photos that are sensual, sexy, erotic and non-pornographic. We believe lifestyle couples are truly interested in meeting the people (not their private parts), and are sexually stimulated by intelligence, confidence and a good sense of humor. When all the stars are aligned, the sexual energy between compatible couples can be mind-blowing. Women appreciate this classy attitude and find this type of environment gives them a strong sense of culture and community.

The Swinging Lifestyle is all about the woman in the relationship…and so is VenusCouples!
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